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Download: Woohoo by the Wayside (Band Sims)

Ages and eons ago, I really had this great idea that I needed more musicians in my game and Woohoo by the Wayside was created. The band consists of singer Nicole, guitarist Joel, and drummer Alice.

Alice is the quiet but outrageous drummer of Woohoo by the Wayside. When not playing with the band, she's busy pranking others, snoozing on the couch, or trying to search for other aliens within Fen.

Joel has always been aware of his pretty-boy looks and openly uses them--and his place in the band--to meet someone special. He's always looking for a good time and just enjoys being around and with people. If they're attracted to each other, even better.

Nicole used to spend her days browsing Sumblr, reblogging nonsensical pictures of pretty girls with pastel hair and heartfelt lyrics that everyone related to, and singing to herself. Now she sings in the best new band in Fen (or it will be) and reblogs in her spare time.
Fun fact: she was the inspiration for her hair.;)

All sims come with cc and no cc versions! In my game, Alice & Nicole are pleasure sims and Joel is a romance sim, but feel free that to suit your game. :)
Woohoo by the Wayside!

and just ~because~

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